Integrating food fortification into programming, policies and strategies
One-day participatory consultation with EU colleagues

The European Union has invested substantially in developing and scaling-up food fortification programmes as part of efforts to meet the 2030 Agenda. To match this effort, the 2FAS team was asked to provide EU colleagues with greater knowledge of food fortification, and to give a better understanding of the role that the EU can and should play. 

On Thursday 16 January, 2020, the 2FAS team held a workshop for colleagues in Brussels across relevant Commissions (DEVCO, ECHO, SANTE, AGRI, TRADE) to: 

•    Provide information on the role of food fortification within EU priorities
•    Receive inputs and ideas on integrating food fortification into programming areas outside of nutrition
•    Develop a framework for an EU Guidance Note on Food Fortification

In the morning, the 2FAS team gave presentations on food fortification and hosted a Q&A session. Armed with new knowledge, colleagues collaborated throughout the afternoon on the draft Guidance, to come to a common vision on mainstreaming food fortification within EU programming, policies and strategy.

EC colleagues all agree that food fortif

EU colleagues all agree that food fortification is an essential development strategy