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Pierre-Luc Vanhaeverbeke                                                                       Programme Manager/Nutrition Coordinator, EUD Ethiopia

Pierre-Luc Vanhaeverbeke trained as an Agronomist at the Belgian University of Brussels. He has worked for 30 years in agricultural development both in Europe and developing countries.

Mr Vanhaeverbeke began working for the European Union Delegation in Zimbabwe in 2003. His next post was Jamaica; he has held his current post in Ethiopia as Project Manager/Nutrition Coordinator for the past five years. One of his responsibilities in Ethiopia is to integrate nutrition into the projects of each programming unit in the Delegation.

Throughout his career, Mr Vanhaeverbeke has worked and specialised in a variety of sectors, and now has experience in horticulture, food aid, food security, agriculture industry development (focusing on bananas, sugar cane and cut flowers) and, more recently, nutrition.