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Olivier Machiels                                                                                        Programme Officer, EUD Madagascar

Olivier Machiels trained and works as an Agronomist and Environmentalist. Throughout his 30 year career, he has worked exclusively in East and Southern Africa


Mr Machiels began working for the European Union ten years ago. He spent seven years as Programme Officer in Rwanda, and for the past three years has been Programme Officer in Madagasgar.


As an Agronomist, Mr Machiels’s initial priority was sustainable agriculture, but his work has taught him the importance of addressing malnutrition. He has learned that nutrition is critical in urban as well as soil-reach regions, and believes food fortification, combined with holistic rural and urban development, has the potential to make a substantial different to people’s health and lives.


Mr Machiels’s motto is Expect the unexpected (or at least get ready for it)!