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Industrial fortification 

industrial fort.png

In 2018, 2FAS provided support in Tajikistan to ongoing efforts to fortify wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt and dairy products. 


This involved producing a country profile on food fortification, organizing a multi-stakeholder partnership workshop, and conducting a SWOT assessment on food fortification. 


In 2022, 2FAS also assisted the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to conduct an assessment of the use of iodized salt in industrially processed foods. The objective of this assignment was to determine whether salt was being adequately iodized, as well as to estimate the actual and potential contribution of processed foods and condiments to iodine consumption. 


In 2022, 2FAS also supported the World Food Programme in Tajikistan to formulate a strategy and roadmap to ensure compliance with the recently enforced wheat flour fortification mandate. 

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