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Point-of-use, industrial and nutrient-enriched crops

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The project was implemented between 2017-2022 by the World Food Programme, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization.


It aimed to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable groups across Sudan, particularly women, girls and children under 5. 


The project also built the capacity of government, and the domestic food industry, to implement a national food fortification programme (wheat flour, vegetable oil and salt). 


Support was also provided to enable farmers to cultivate iron- and zinc-enriched varieties of sorghum and millet, and to encourage retail marketing of micronutrient powder (via the brand name Vitamino) for point-of-use fortification of complementary foods.

Bakery in Khartoum - Sudan Aug 2017fixed.png

Bakery in Khartoum

Ibrahim Parvanta, 2FAS

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