Research lots pre-workshop meeting

On Wednesday 2 March, the 2FAS-supported research lots presented their work and key findings at an online gathering.


Despite an increasing body of evidence suggesting that food fortification can play a significant role in reducing micronutrient deficiencies, further research is needed to fill important information gaps, and to guide successful policy and programme development and implementation.

To contribute to filling these gaps, 2FAS is conducting research in collaboration with Agrinatura an association of European research centres and universities. The research addresses themes which were prioritised at the EU Nutrition Seminar in 2018. Findings will help contribute to the knowledge base and best practice on all forms of food fortification initiatives.

The 2FAS research portfolio is divided into three lots:

  • Integrated strategies on micronutrient deficiency reduction (INSIDER project) led by led by Agropolis / Institut de recherche pour le developpement, France.

  • Public and Private Sector Commitment to Food Fortification led by the Natural Research Institute, UK.

  • Monitoring and Impact Assessment of Food Fortification Programmes, led by led by Wageningen University, Netherlands.


Frank Wieringer presents the key findings of Lot 1


Pre-workshop meeting Highlights of Research Lot #2


Key Findings

Pre-workshop meeting Highlights of Research Lot #4


Key Findings