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 Project 1 of 2: Industrial fortification

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The Fortification de Produits Alimentaires Transformés (FOPAT) project was implemented between 2016-2022 by the World Food Programme, in partnership with GRET. It aimed to improve the quality and availability of nutritious fortified food products made from local produce – millet, niébé, groundnuts and selected wild foods. 


These foods, regularly consumed in Niger, were chosen to appeal to local tastes and preferences. 


The project supported the entire value chain, from production, processing and certification, through to marketing and commercialization. Objectives were to improve the nutrition status of the general population, as well as to increase household security for participating farmers and producers. 

Formation de la federation des femmes cu

Training of the federation of women pickers FFC on Potential of valorization of products of the Sahelian picking sector

Alio Houdou Maiga, WFP

 Project 2 of 2: Industrial fortification

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The Projet d’Appui à la Fortification Alimentaire au Niger (PAFAN) was implemented between 2017-2022 by GRET, in collaboration with Misola, Garin Yaara, Concern Worldwide, Action contre La Faim Espagne and L’Institut de Recherche pour le Développement.


The project aimed to improve the nutritional status of women of reproductive age and young children by strengthening the local production, distribution and promotion of a variety of fortified food products, within a supportive national legislative framework. 


Activities included the creation of production units; the launch of five different types of fortified complementary flour and a fortified product for women of reproductive age; sensitization of populations on optimal food and nutrition practices; implementation of door-to-door sales schemes; and support to quality standards and certification of fortified foods.


The project also commissioned two studies by the French ‘Institut de Recherche pour le Développement’ to create packaging to better preserve the flour and the micronutrients within it.

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Sentising mothers to optimal infant and young child feeding practices in the rural village of Issawane

Project Team

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