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Industrial fortification 

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The Improving the nutritional status of the Malagasy, especially the most vulnerable (PFOA) project was implemented between 2017-2021, by GRET under the auspices of Madagascar’s National Office of Nutrition. It strengthened local production, distribution and promotion of fortified foods for infants, children and adolescents in three age groups: 6-23 months, 3-5 years, and 6-14 years. 


The products – a fortified infant flour (‘Koba Aina’), a cereal bar, and a muesli (‘Moosli’) – were manufactured by the Malagasy agribusinesses Taf and Chocolaterie Robert, and distributed by the local social enterprise Nutri’zaza through its network of baby restaurants (hotelin’jazakely), a nationwide salesforce and various points of sale. 


By project end, 51 million servings of Koba Aina had been distributed, and it is now available at over 8,200 points of sale. In addition, almost 2 million cereal bars and 420,000 packets of Moosli have been sold throughout the country.

The success of the PFOA project led to the implementation of a new programme, AINTSOA, funded by the French Development Agency. AINTSOA is a spin-off of PFOA which capitalizes on its achievements and aims to expand the coverage of its fortified products.

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Analysis of blood samples taken from children, Madagascar 

Christophe Guyondet, 2FAS

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