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Industrial fortification 

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The project Strengthening the Kenyan National Food Fortification Programme was implemented between 2017-2023 by Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).


National law in Kenya requires all maize flour to be fortified. However, although large-scale millers fortify their maize flour successfully, most medium- and small-scale millers struggle with technical constraints and knowledge gaps. 


The aim of the project was to enable medium- and small-scale millers to adequately fortify their maize flour. This is especially important because these millers produce the flour primarily consumed by low socio-economic groups.


A nationwide survey of maize mills was carried out to identify key bottlenecks and implement appropriate mitigation strategies. In addition, a state of the art laboratory was established at JKUAT, which can assess the quality of fortified foods relative to national standards.


To strengthen consumer demand and use of fortified maize flour, a survey was conducted in six regions to gather information on household knowledge, attitudes and practices. 


Findings from the survey formed the basis for targeted communications to improve consumption of fortified maize flour, particularly in poor and vulnerable populations.

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Multi-stakeholder partnership workshop, Kenya

Ibrahim Parvanta, 2FAS

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