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12 December, 2022

Food fortification for improved nutrition: lessons learnt and recommendations

Two weeks before the final close out of the 2FAS project, the team travelled to Brussels to present the work that has been carried out since the European Commission (EC) established and funded 2FAS in 2015.


On Monday 12 December 2022, the 2FAS team came together for the last time to present lessons learnt and recommendations for future food fortification programming.


The Infopoint, hosted at EC headquarters, was a hybrid event with participants attending in person as well as online.


The event was opened by Willem Olthof, Deputy Head of INTPA F3. Christophe Guyondet, 2FAS Team Leader, then gave an overview of micronutrient deficiencies and their consequences, before presenting the food fortification country programmes that 2FAS has supported. 


Inge Verdonk, 2FAS Senior Expert, spoke to nutrient-enriched crops (NEC), and the experience of NEC programming in 2FAS-supported projects in Ethiopia, the Gambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan.


Mohamed Mansour, 2FAS Senior Expert, presented the 2FAS research lots and their key findings; and Vanessa Jones walked the audience through this website, to present all the resources that 2FAS has developed. 


Fadoi Chaouki from INTPA F3 closed the event by thanking all those who contributed to the research lots and country projects: colleagues, implementing partners, private sector partners (particularly small and medium enterprises) and governments. Finally, the floor was opened for questions and answers.


The Infopoint was a bittersweet event for the 2FAS team. Although it was a great success, it also signified the end of the project – which has not only seen increased commitment to food fortification at programme and policy levels, but which brought together a team who have forged lifelong affections and friendships.


A recording of the Infopoint can be found at this link on the European Commission’s website.


Willem Olthof, Deputy Head of Unit, INTPA F3

Christophe Guyondet, Team Leader, 2FAS

Inge Verdonk, Senior Expert, 2FAS

Mohamed Mansour, Senior Expert, 2FAS

Vanessa Jones, Senior Expert, 2FAS

Fadoi Chaouki, Policy Officer Nutrition, INTPA F3

2fas team infopoint.jpeg

2FAS team at the Infopoint event

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