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Nutrient-enriched crops and dietary diversity

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The project was implemented in Kwango province between 2017-2020, by the Italian organisation ISCO-SC. It aimed to improve the dietary diversity of 500,000 smallholder farming households, comprising 2.3 million children, women and men. 


The project promoted the production and consumption of moringa and caterpillars, two local foods that are rich in micronutrients and high-quality protein. 


Prior to the project, moringa was almost non-existent in diets in Kwango, due to its traditional use as a medicine. Caterpillars were sold rather than consumed by the local population, due to their high monetary value. 


The project also introduced a variety of cassava enriched with vitamin A; yellow maize enriched with vitamin A; and iron-rich lima beans. These varieties are also rich in sulphur amino acids which prevent a paralytic disease known as konzo, which is highly prevalent in Kwango. 

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Caterpillar eggs, Democratic Republic of Congo

Project Team

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