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Point-of-use fortification

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The AFORT project in Chad was implemented by the World Food Programme between 2017-2022. 


The project aimed to increase access to nutritious infant flours, while increasing food security through supporting sustainable livelihoods. 


It reached over 280,000 children aged 6-23 months with nutritious porridge, by capacitating 15 women’s economic interest groups (EIGs) to produce a fortified flour for complementary feeding. 


The EIGs were trained in production techniques, quality control, hygiene, packaging and preservation. Additionally, they were provided with micronutrient powders to be distributed at point of sale. EIGs were also trained on optimal infant and young child feeding practices (IYCF) and the use of micronutrient powders, so that they could pass this knowledge onto their customers.


As well as reaching infants and young children with quality, locally produced fortified complementary foods, the project increased caretaker knowledge of IYCF. 


The project also offered a long-term, sustainable business model for participating EIGs. Although the project ended in May 2022, the EIGs continue to produce the enriched flours.

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Women from an EIG sifting their complementary flour, Chad

Christophe Guyondet, 2FAS

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