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Fortifying edible oil with vitamins A and D in Kazakhstan

In 2018, the EU Delegation in Kazakhstan requested technical and strategic support from 2FAS for the voluntary fortification of edible oil. Working in partnership with the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition (KAN) and BASF (a leading supplier of vitamin A premix worldwide) 2FAS supported the design of this project which includes industry analysis; advocacy; assessment of vitamin A stability in fortified oil; and the training of food inspectors and industry technicians in regulatory monitoring. With the help of BASF, the Eurasian Foods Corporation (a national oil producer) has become a pioneer in the experimental production of fortified sunflower oil, and is providing KAN with samples to carry out the stability study. 

On Monday 29 June, 2020, the National Commission for Women and Family and Demographic Policy hosted an advocacy and regulatory conference on the fortification of edible oil with vitamins A and D in Kazakhstan, with support from the European Union through 2FAS, and in partnership with KAN and BASF.

The conference – planned and moderated by KAN – was attended by 35 participants representing deputies of both Parliament Chambers; the Ministries of Health and Agriculture, and other agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan; members of the Kazakh edible oil industry; United Nations agencies; and the media.

Based on the global experience of oil and fat fortification, as well as the work of KAN in establishing the scientific foundation for fortifying sunflower oil in Kazakhstan, the event set out the relevance of edible oil fortification in the country, and gave practical guidance on the implementation of the programme. It cemented the commitment of all stakeholders to eliminating vitamin A and D deficiencies in Kazakhstan through the fortification of edible oil. All those present agreed on a series of draft recommendations to support the programme and strengthen its impact. 

Fortifying edible oil with vitamins A an

Some of the participants at the international video conference

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